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Meet the team at OhioStateBetting.Com, the top expert gambling writers in Ohio. They make sure to keep you updated with the best sports betting, bonus codes, and mobile apps to download.

Wes Janson

Expert Sports Betting Writer

Wes is here! A beautiful mind centered around the status and odds for the Ohio sports teams! Football, Baseball and Basketball are my favorite top three. Since Ohio is moving towards the legal sports betting market, I am here to offer the best options for Ohio sportsbooks!

Maria Alstrom

Expert Gambling Writer

American Swedish journalist. Covering sports. Football has always been close to my heart, and now I have the experience and wits to write about the next best thing after sports. Gambling in Ohio.

Mike Allen

Expert Sports Writer

Mike has several years of experience writing about sports and as a football enthusiast. Mike has fallen in love with sports gambling again as the US began to move toward legalized sports betting

James Elias Fowler

Expert Sports Writer

With my huge interest in football, I decided to take up the pen and spread the word! I have found myself in awe at all the excitement and joy sports betting brings. My ten years covering sports have certainly given me an edge!

Kim Stevens

Expert Writer

Freelance journalist with a huge interest in “The Big Three.” Applying my sports enthusiasm to keep fans up to date.

Carl Rogers


The team and crew here at Ohio State Betting´s goal is to help you find the best online betting site of your choice with Carl leading the developers.