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BetMGM Ohio bonus code October 2022

Online sports betting has the “green light” in Ohio, and the BetMGM sportsbook in Ohio is already one of the most popular platforms in the state to put money down on the big game. Led by one of the most famous names in the world of gambling, the same company responsible for MGM casinos and resorts around the world. The online betting experience at BetMGM Ohio is next level with its bonus codes, promo offers and mobile platform.

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BetMGM Ohio bonus code offer 2022

Ohio online sports betting is now open for pre-registration. The promo will be available at launch day, Jan 1, 2023

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BetMGM Ohio bonus code

🎁 BetMGM Ohio Bonus CodeClick To Sign Up
🎁 BetMGM Ohio Bonus Code For:New Bettors
🎁 BetMGM Ohio Promo Code Usable With The App?Yes
🎁 Current BetMGM OH Promo Code Offer:$1000 Risk-Free Bet

Every sports bettor is looking to take advantage of as many promo offers and special deals as possible. There’s nothing better than finding a way to stretch your sports betting bank account further than you would have been able to with just putting your own money into the pot.

BetMGM Ohio has a legendary reputation for some of the best bonuses in the business. Of course, we’re not just talking about the BetMGM sign-up bonus, either. There are lots of other bonuses that you’ll be able to cash in on as soon as you create your account here. Let’s run through some of the most popular bonus options available right now.

BetMGM Ohio signup bonus

The most lucrative of all the BetMGM bonus offers you’ll find on this sportsbook in OH has to be the “welcome bonus”. New account holders are going to see their first deposit of up to $1000 matched 100% by the folks at BetMGM.

Yes, you are reading that correctly – you’ll get 100% free money to place bets with (no strings attached) for an amount up to $1000 when you make your first deposit. That’s huge!

BetMGM promo code Ohio


On top of that, BetMGM likes to offer promo codes with free bet opportunities all the time as well. The way this work is pretty straightforward:

You place a wager (any wager that you like, so long as it is free bet eligible) for any amount that you want to wager. Usually, there’s an upper limit on how much “free bet” protection you get offered, so look into that before you pull the trigger and put down your marker.

If you win the wager that you have put in, you get the winnings that you would have had even without the free bet protection.

If you lose that bet, all the money you risked (as much as could be protected by this promo, anyway) is immediately deposited back into your BetMGM Ohio account. You’ll be able to start betting with that money again right away!

Review of BetMGM Ohio


In this detailed breakdown, we are going to run through (almost) everything that makes this Ohio sportsbook so special. We are talking about all of the BetMGM promo codes offers that you’ll be able to take advantage of, the mobile experience of this sportsbook.

More advantages is the betting options and betting markets, and so much more. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a good idea of whether or not the BetMGM sportsbook is right for you. (Spoiler alert – it definitely is!)

BetMGM Ohio mobile app


The mobile experience of the BetMGM betting app is top-notch, too. That’s to be expected from a powerhouse of a sports betting in Ohio platform like this, though. The mobile platform runs very smoothly, is snappy and responsive, and has a user interface that is effortless to navigate.

You’ll find that the mobile app (and the mobile website) have the exact same functionality that the traditional desktop site for the BetMGM Ohio sportsbook has. You won’t ever miss out on anything by making your sports bets through your phone or tablet!

A lot of people write glowingly positive BetMGM app reviews because of how well-designed the digital betting slip is, too.

Finding the wagers that you’ve already made is simple and straightforward. But you get so much more information than just that. You get details about what your potential bet payout looks like as the odds shift and change, any winnings that you’ve already banked, and a whole host of other details you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s pretty cool! Best of all, the BetMGM betting app is available 100% free of charge on both the iOS and Android platforms.

You’ll be able to download this and have it on your Android phone or tablet, your iPhone, or your iPad in record time. Then, just punch in your account credentials, and you are good to go for some online mobile BetMGM betting action!

Features and benefits at BetMGM Ohio


There are a couple of things that help to separate the BetMGM sportsbook Ohio platform from the rest of the pack, but the biggest thing has to be the overall premium feel of this sportsbook from top to bottom.

A lot of other digital sites try to offer a luxurious, exclusive, premium kind of platform for all of their sports bettors. But most of them fall short for one reason or another. So sometimes this attempt comes off making the sportsbook feel really inauthentic, too.

That’s not a problem for the BetMGM Ohio platform.

This feels like a premium spot to do some sports betting. It feels like a really professional operation, and you can have a lot of trust in this company, giving you a top-flight experience but also protecting your personal, private, and payment information.

Secondly, the custom wager opportunities available from the BetMGM Ohio platform are really special, too.

We will dig a little bit more into those kinds of wager options in a second (like the One Day Parlay, for example), but they really do help players get an extra opportunity to win a lot more money here than they might have elsewhere.

Finally, (as many other of the brands in the market like Barstool Sportsbook in Ohio) that BetMGM betting app experience really is just first-class across the board.

The mobile app feels great, is safe and secure, and has all of the functionality that the full-blown desktop website for the BetMGM sportsbook Ohio platform offers, too.  You won’t ever feel like you are getting shortchanged when you sign up for this sportsbook.

BetMGM Ohio betting markets


As far as the BetMGM sportsbook Ohio sports betting markets are concerned, sports fans are going to have plenty of options to pick and choose from.

Hometown fans are going to be able to put money down on the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL. Of course, they’re going to be able to put money down on the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds in the MLB, too.

Don’t forget about the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA or the Columbus Blue Jackets over in the NHL, either! And then, of course, you have fans of Ohio State and all of their great college sports teams.

On top of all that, though, sports fans, in general, are going to be able to put cash down on a bunch of different betting markets they might not have had access to on other brands.

Sports to bet on at BetMGM sportsbook in Ohio

  • NFL football action
  • MLB baseball action
  • NBA basketball action
  • NHL hockey games
  • College football
  • College basketball (men’s and women’s)
  • The PGA Tour
  • Soccer games in the US and in Europe
  • Tennis matches worldwide
  • MMA and boxing events
  • Motorsports, including NASCAR and Formula One races

If there is a sporting event happening somewhere in the US (and most places around the world), the chances are pretty good that you’ll be able to put some money down on it through the BetMGM app. Other sports betting apps in Ohio with a great selection of sports, is Caesar Sportsbook Ohio, Fubo Ohio and BetFred Ohio.

Betting options from BetMGM sportsbook Ohio


Of course, having access to almost unlimited BetMGM Ohio sports markets won’t mean much if you’re not able to place the kinds of bets you want to.

There’s a lot of freedom and a lot of flexibility with BetMGM betting, though. For example, newbies to the world of sports betting (and those that like a more traditional approach to putting money down on games) will really enjoy moneyline betting, point spread betting, and over/under options.

Those betting selections are available for pretty much every type of game or match BetMGM OH supports. On top of that, though, you’ll also be able to get into live betting options, futures options, and parlays – including the One Game Parlay that we mentioned a moment ago.

On the game

The One Game Parlay makes it really easy to get into some wild parlays that are self-contained in a single game or match. For example, you might pick a parlay that has a Moneyline pick, a point spread pick, and an over/under pick – all for the same game – with a sky-high potential payout if you hit them all.

The beauty of these kinds of parlays is that you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to find out if you’re a winner or not. Instead, you find out as soon as that last whistle blows!

BetMGM Ohio banking options


Banking (getting your money into and out of your BetMGM Ohio account) is super simple and straightforward here.

For deposits, you’ll have a couple of instant (or almost instant) options to pick from. This includes all major credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, electronic checks, PayPal and other online wallets, and deposits directly from your bank account via ACH transfers.

On the withdrawal side of things, getting your money out of your BetMGM sportsbook Ohio account is a little bit slower, but there are still plenty of choices for you to use.

You can go with a prepaid card from services that are connected to BetMGM, your bank account via ACH transfers, PayPal, and other online wallets, or even have a physical check mailed to you as well.

You can even visit any local MGM casino or resort with gambling and get cash from the cage!

Most withdrawals will take anywhere between 12 hours and 48 hours to complete if they are being done electronically. So make sure that you are prepared for that going forward.

Customer service at BetMGM Sportsbook Ohio


Support from the BetMGM sportsbook is really top-of-the-line. You have the opportunity to reach out via Live Chat through the mobile app, through email, or visit any of the “self-help” pages in the customer service knowledge base that BetMGM Ohio provides.

You can also reach out to customer support through any MGM resort or casino that offers sports betting as well. Most of the time, they are going to redirect you to someone that works specifically for this brand, so don’t be surprised if that’s a bit of a roundabout approach for getting the help that you are after.

As a general rule of thumb, though, support is highly responsive. So you aren’t be waiting around to get answers or assistance like you might have with other operators.


Is it legal to bet on sports online in the state of Ohio?

It is completely legal to bet on sports (online or off) in the state of Ohio these days. So you won’t have to worry about bumping into any problems with the law when you create your BetMGM Ohio account.

What are the best banking options at the BetMGM Ohio sportsbook?

The best banking options from the BetMGM sportsbook are the ones that you are most comfortable with. Most people like to use a major credit or debit card to fund their accounts, though some like to have their bank account set up so that they can put money into their account quickly, too.

Are my winnings from BetMGM in OH taxable?

As far as withdrawals are concerned, the prepaid cards affiliated with BetMGM are a great choice if you want to get paid ASAP. ACH transfers are superfast and secure as well. And, of course, it’s tough to beat getting cold, hard cash from an MGM casino cage.

What’s the best bet to place on the BetMGM OH platform for a beginner?

In the overwhelming majority of circumstances, any money that you win from your bets made with the BetMGM Ohio platform are, in fact, going to be considered taxable income. This is certainly something that you are going to want to speak to a tax attorney or an accountant about, though.

Does every new account get a welcome bonus from BetMGM Ohio?

You really can’t go wrong as a beginner placing moneyline bets on the BetMGM platform. All that requires you to do is pick who you think is going to win that specific game or match up. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

How many times can I use a bonus code?

You can use a bonus code one time, per person.

Is BetMGM Online Sportsbook legal in Ohio?

Yes, it is legal but you have to wait to use it until January 1, 2023.

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