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Ohio Sports Betting promo Codes: Launch bonus Codes in OH

This page looks at the brands with the best Ohio sports betting bonus codes and what to expect from different bonus types. We’ll also go through what to look for in Ohio sportsbooks promos regarding terms and conditions and how to get OH sportsbook promo codes to use, as the codes are primarily risk-free and free bets.

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Best Ohio sports betting promo codes 2022

Ohio online sports betting is now open for pre-registration. The promo will be available at launch day, Jan 1, 2023

Early sign up: $100 in free bets on launch day Bet now FanDuel Ohio review

Compare Ohio sports betting bonus codes


To start unlocking Ohio sports betting bonus codes, you must choose a sportsbook that offers plenty of them. Sportsbooks are great at flashing something to draw you in, but the best sportsbooks have a regular rotation of promotions.

You should also pay attention to the differences between different bonus types. For example, welcome bonuses act in a different way than regular rotations, although there are similarities between the two. You can even get help from rewards programs and referrals that applaud your loyalty.

Keep in mind that the terms and conditions are what can make or break your experience with bonuses; it pays to read the small print. There are special bonus codes for the teams in Ohio. Our guide offers the best Ohio teams sportsbook promos.

Best Ohio sportsbook bonus codes


Not every sportsbook is built the same. While the Ohio sports betting sites listed below stand out for their security and licensed operation. Each one has a fantastic variety of bonuses and promotions for bettors to benefit from.

Bonuses might not be the main reason you should choose an operator, but finding a sportsbook in Ohio with great bonus offerings is like adding sprinkles to your cupcake.

BetMGM sports betting bonus

When you sign up with BetMGM Ohio, your first bonus opportunity is a risk-free bet up to $1,000, but the promotions do not stop there.

The platform always has something happening to boost your winnings, whether through parlay boosts/insurance, countless contests, a regular rotation of risk-free bets, or the weekly free bets offered by the brand.

DraftKings sportsbook bonus

DraftKings Ohio starts with a 20% match on deposits, maxing out at $1,000. You can also unlock a $50 free bet when you sign up and make a deposit of $5.

On top of this, this platform runs regular contests to keep things interesting. Repeat bettors benefit from a rewards program that features daily missions, and you can unlock more free bets by referring others to the site.

FanDuel bonuses for bettors

FanDuel Ohio starts new customers off with a 20% match up to $500. The operator also runs a daily calendar of odds boosts for you to benefit from.

You can participate in the FanDuel players club, a rewards program that operates on a point system. Earn points as you participate in paid site contests, and you can end up in any one of 10 tiers depending on your activity. In addition, you can redeem points to enter more contests and buy swag.

Caesars betting bonus

Caesars Sportsbook Ohio has a heft $5,000 risk-free bet bonus for anyone willing to risk that much, but the brands promotional weight leans mostly on the rewards program.

With the rewards, you receive points for the bets you place, but you must sign up for the program before starting. For every $10 you bet, you get a reward credit, which can be redeemed for entertainment and travel rewards.

Ohio sportsbook sign up & welcome bonuses


Betting sites are constantly seeking for new users, and one strategy for doing so is to give sign-up bonuses. If you want to join in on the activity, now is the time. Ohio offers a number of trustworthy betting sites that provide Ohio sign up bonuses. The top Ohio sportsbook bonus codes provide welcome bonuses ranging from $10 to $1000.

Ohio welcome bonuses come in a variety of forms:

  • The first is the standard bonus, which entitles you to risk-free bets bonuses.
  • The second kind is a deposit bonus, which rewards you with a predetermined bonus sum after making a deposit of funds.
  • Another kind is the reload bonus, which gives you a bonus for adding extra money to your account.

How can I redeem the OH welcome bonus codes?

Find the welcome bonus that appeals to you in our top list of online betting sites’ welcome bonuses. Are you considering a free bet offer? maybe a deposit that is matched? Everything is up to you!

Types of Ohio sports betting promos


Most Ohio sports betting promos & bonus offers a hefty welcome offer that seems too good to be accurate, but most of these have terms and conditions to bring them back to Earth. Learning the difference between the types of welcome promos and how you can determine their actual value is essential for navigating what mobile sports betting apps in Ohio has to offer.

Ohio sports betting promo offers

Risk-free bets vs. free bets

Risk-free bets and free bets seem similar at first glance. There is a big difference between the two. A risk-free bet is the type of bonus that site offer most often. But you do not always receive bonus funds with these bets.

Instead, after you deposit money to your account, you use your own banking funds to place a bet, and the sports betting promos takes over from there. If you win the bet, then nothing happens; you collect your winnings and proceed with your betting experience.

However, if you lose the bet, the sportsbook will reimburse the bet amount (up to the limit) with site credit. The operators limit these bets with minimum and maximum odds and a maximum amount they’ll reimburse. You should expect a playthrough requirement on your winnings.

Free bets do not require you to bet any of your own funds instead of giving you site credit right off the bat to bet with. These can be no-deposit bets, or they might require you to make a deposit to unlock. They are not as common as other bet types, but they are a great way to get started if you have the opportunity.

If you win, you still need to play through the total of your winnings a certain number of times before withdrawing them.

Matched deposits

The second most common bonus you see with bigger brand is a matched deposit. When using these, a bookmaker will add additional funds to your account depending on how much you first deposit. But keep in mind this is not as straightforward as it sounds.

A matched deposit is only dollar for dollar if it is set at 100%. Anything less, and you are getting a smaller portion matched. You probably will not see anything higher that matches your funds and then some.

Paying attention to the percentage is important, especially when looking at two sportsbooks offering the same maximum match. Even if they match your deposit up to $1,000, the sportsbook with a 20% match will require more from you than the one matching 50%. You will also get more of a bonus from a small deposit with a 50% match.

Make sure you clear any requirements for deposit matches. These usually include meeting a minimum threshold that might be larger than their minimum deposit and playing through the bonus in a certain period.

Ohio risk-free bet bonus code


One of the most popular and regularly used welcome incentives among sportsbooks is the risk-free bet offer. Therefore, if you’re registering for the first time at sportsbooks, seek for special offers that will provide you with better benefits. Here, we’ll explain the benefits of looking for risk-free bet bonus code in Ohio.

What is an Ohio risk-free bet promo code?

New members frequently receive a bonus known as a risk-free bet. However, it could be made available to current members via promo codes. Members who take advantage of this offer are eligible to get a return on their first wager. The reimbursement comes in the shape of bonus funds, site credits, or free bets.
As a result, if the wagerer wins, they receive their winnings and may withdraw them. However, players will receive free bets or a refund if they lose the wager.
One of the sports betting promo that draws in new clients is this one. Nobody desires to lose money. Bettors will be pleased to sign up with the sportsbook if they provide the opportunity to place risk-free wagers. Ohio risk-free bets promo codes are therefore a betting favorite.

How do free bets work in Ohio?

No matter where you are, free bets are quite popular. However, when it comes to a state like Ohio, which has the most fervent sports and sports betting fan population, its popularity is on an entirely different level. Because of this, several sportsbooks in Ohio use risk-free wagers to draw in new clients.

In essence, the Ohio free bets function as compensation in the form of “free bets” or “refunds”, subject to the terms. A player will be compensated by the betting firm if they lose the required wager. Free bets, extra money, or site credit are all possible forms of compensation. You can place more wagers using these reimbursements to increase your chances of winning.

Advantages of risk-free bets

The key benefit of a risk-free bet is that you may place another wager using the free bet if you lose the initial one. So joining sportsbooks that allow risk-free bets is frequently the smart move. Because it can reduce your losses and increase your chances of winning.

Pros with risk-free bets

  • Risk-free bets are useful in this sort of circumstance since they lower the bet’s inherent risk. In this manner, you can reduce your losses.
  • With the risk-free bets, even a novice may profit without incurring any losses.
  • You’ll receive experience as a result.
  • It offers you risk-free access to a range of possibilities

Cons with risk-free bets

  • You won’t be able to withdraw your money until you place additional bets.
  • It could become addicting.
  • X 30–40 wagering requirements are typical.

Here are some examples of sportsbooks offering risk-free bets in Ohio for new bettors:

Fubo Sportsbook OhioClick to get a Risk-Free Bet
BetFred OhioClick to get a Risk-Free Bet
BetMGM OhioClick to get a Risk-Free Bet
Hard Rock Sportsbook OhioClick to get a Risk-Free Bet

Rotating Ohio sportsbook promo codes


A sportsbook that only offers sports betting promo codes to draw you in is not usually trustworthy. Most operators adapt these same bonuses to day-to-day betting, but you can expect the terms to be different. Risk-free bets remain the same but reload bonuses and odds boosts are familiar with promotional rotations at Ohio sportsbooks.

Ohio sportsbook sign-up promos

You’ll see one of the biggest sports betting promo right at the start of your sportsbook experience. Sportsbooks in Ohio offer competitive sign-up offers and bonuses to onboard new users.

We have seen some of the top sign-up bonuses at sportsbooks in Ohio include initial, risk-free bets between $1,000 and $5,000. Others may offer deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, or matched deposit bonuses.

It’s worth mentioning that many bettors utilize multiple sportsbooks in Ohio to compare and choose the best odds. So long as you don’t have multiple accounts on the same sportsbook, you can also take advantage of this opportunity and multiple sign-up offers.

Sportsbooks in Ohio ongoing promos

Another feature to look out for when choosing your sportsbooks in Ohio is whether it offers a rewards program for its bettors. These rewards programs are usually split into tiers. Bettors receive points for each bet they place, slowly raising them among the ranks of users on the platform.

Bettors can sometimes use their points to place other bets, take advantage of exclusive betting options, cash out, or exchange them for physical prizes on the online sportsbook store.

Certain sportsbooks in Ohio may also offer sports betting promos during specific seasons, such as the NFL season, enticing bettors to step up and place their wagers as soon as the season begins.

Other ongoing sports betting promos include daily, weekly, or monthly competitions between users. These are great opportunities for both competition and additional winnings apart from your typical sports wagers.


A reload bonus is another form of a matched deposit, but it only applies to deposits made by existing customers. These can be a great way to retain and reward those who use the sportsbook, and they might be offered on a case-by-case basis.

Reload bonuses tend to have a lower match threshold than the initial deposit match. For example, you may have had a 50% match up to $1,000 to start, but those numbers are likely to fall when you get around to reload bonuses.

Still, a 10% match up to $50 is money you did not have before. If you need to make a deposit now or in the future anyway, then it is an effortless bonus that can easily multiply.

Odds boosts

Odds boosts are offered regularly to increase the amount that you could win on a specific bet. You can identify them either by advertisements on the sportsbooks or by their odds appearing to work more in the bettor’s favor.

Boosted odds are made possible by a site reducing the amount of commission they make off your bet. They can even remove the vig completely, giving you the chance to make a full return on your bet.

Mobile betting apps in Ohio rotate odds boosts for many reasons. They might have a new feature or sport they are offering. Or there may be a big event coming up. Either way, expect to see odds boosts where your attention is wanted.

As long as you have the proper research to back up your claim, odds boosts can be a great tool for improving your winnings. Otherwise, betting on boosted odds without doing research is still throwing money away.

Loyalty bonuses in Ohio

If you shop around for odds, loyalty bonuses may not pay off. But if you find yourself preferring one sportsbook, then they can come in handy. Loyalty programs are an effortless way to reward you for what you would be doing otherwise.

Sportsbook rewards programs

While not all bookmakers offer rewards programs, there is a good chance you will. At this point, most of the big names in sports betting have some sort of rewards system in place to improve your betting experience.

These rewards programs usually award points depending on the number of bets you place. And any bonus points attached to certain bets. Once you hit a certain point, you can redeem these points for different rewards, such as free bets or merchandise.

Most operators have different levels in their programs. You unlock each level by obtaining a certain number of points over a period of time. Thus, the more you frequent a sportsbook, the more you climb, and the more valuable the rewards get.

Earning with referrals

Operators also allow bettors to earn based on their ability to draw in new customers. So if you know anyone interested in sports betting, this can be an easy way to make money by giving them a place to bet.

If your bookmaker offers this, then they will give you a link or a code to share with others. The other person will use this to access the sportsbook and register; their account should then be noted for being referred by you.

You may need to wait for the other person to make a deposit or place a bet before you actually earn any rewards with this method. This is a great feature for serious bettors with large networks.

Ohio Betting Bonus codes: Terms And Conditions


Failing to read the small print can cost you betting opportunities, so take the time to read through and make sure you understand what you need to do to unlock a bonus.

Limitations Ohio sports betting promos

Bonus codes have limits on many things, including:

Ignoring these is a great way to lose your chance at a bonus before you even have it, so make sure you know exactly where the borders of the promotion are. These are also essential in determining whether you can work with the sports betting promotion or whether its terms are out of your reach at that time.

Turnover requirements of Ohio sports betting promos

A turnover requirement is something unique to betting. When you look at the terms and conditions of bonuses, you should see that they require you to play through the funds x amount of times.

Also known as betting or rollover requirements, this number tells you how many times you need to use the amount of the bonus on the site before that amount is unlocked for you to withdraw. This number can also be tied to the amount of your initial deposit or bet, and the sportsbook should clarify.

For example, if you have a $50 bonus with a turnover requirement of 15x, you need to bet $750 on the site before withdrawing the bonus or any winnings attached to it.

Because turnover requirements usually have a time constraint, you need to dig deep and be honest about how much you can bet in that time. This can affect the amount of your deposit or bet you use to unlock the bonus, or it r make the bonus lose any value for you.

FAQ sports betting promos & Bonus Codes

What are the signs of an illegitimate promo in Ohio?

If a sportsbook sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Check to ensure the brand you are looking at has plenty of good reviews, but be wary if they promise free money with no strings attached.

How old do I need to be to utilize an Ohio sports betting promo?

In Ohio, you need to be 21 to unlock a promo. This is the minimum age allowed to place bets with Ohio sportsbooks. Even if a sportsbook allows you to sign up at 18, you will not be able to place bets to meet the playthrough requirement attached to most sports betting promos.

What is bonus abuse in OH?

Bonus abuse is signing up with a brand multiple times to receive the bonus. It is not illegal, but it will get you banned from the sportsbook and reported to the Ohio Casino Control Commission for assuming a false identity, which is illegal.

How can you lose a sportsbook bonus in Ohio?

You can lose a bonus by not paying attention to the terms and conditions. For example, if you fail to bet on the right thing, do not meet the minimum financial requirement of the bet, do not cycle through the funds the required number of times, or do not claim the bonus before it times out.

Should I base a sportsbook’s merit off its sports betting promo code options?

Bonuses are a great way to scope out the additional value a sportsbook can offer you, but they are not what makes a sportsbook great.

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