Ohio Free Bets: Best Risk-Free Bets in OH

Both the bettors and the bookmakers benefit from Ohio’s free bets. These are utilized as encouragement for sports enthusiasts to wager on their preferred teams and players at a lower risk than if they did not have the offer. They help sportsbooks attract a ton of new customers, too.

Best Ohio free bets bonus offers

Ohio online sports betting is now open for pre-registration. The promo will be available at launch day, Jan 1, 2023.

DraftKings Sportsbook Sign up & Get $200 in Free Bets *No deposit required*
  • Upon early signup: get a chance to win a $100K Free Bet on launch day
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FanDuel Sportsbook Sign up & Get $100 in Free Bets *No deposit required* Bet now FanDuel Ohio review
Caesars Sportsbook Deposit $20 & get $100 Free on launch day
  • Chance to win Cavaliers tickets every week after registration
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Free bets in Ohio Explained

There are several kinds of free bets for betting sites if you have ever seen welcome bonuses and risk-free promotions on sportsbook ads. Many of them are useful for beginner bettors to obtain a taste of the gambling industry before becoming involved.

Although there are many excellent reasons why sports bettors should use these free bets in Ohio, there are also some drawbacks. These drawbacks, the several kinds of free bets available, and reputable companies you should check out that provide trustworthy risk-free bets are all covered in this guide.

What is an Ohio risk-free bet promo code?

New members frequently receive a bonus known as a risk-free bet. However, it could be made available to current members via promo codes. Members who take advantage of this offer are eligible to get a return on their first wager. The reimbursement comes in the shape of bonus funds, site credits, or free bets.
As a result, if the wagerer wins, they receive their winnings and may withdraw them. However, players will receive free bets or a refund if they lose the wager.
One of the sports betting promo that draws in new clients is this one. Nobody desires to lose money. Bettors will be pleased to sign up with the sportsbook if they provide the opportunity to place risk-free wagers. Ohio risk-free bets promo codes are, therefore a betting favorite.

How do free bets work in Ohio?

No matter where you are, free bets are quite popular. However, when it comes to a state like Ohio, which has the most fervent sports and sports betting fan population, its popularity is on an entirely different level. Because of this, several sportsbooks in Ohio use risk-free wagers to draw in new clients.

In essence, the Ohio free bets function as compensation in the form of “free bets” or “refunds”, subject to the terms. A player will be compensated by the betting firm if they lose the required wager. Free bets, extra money, or site credit are all possible forms of compensation. You can place more wagers using these reimbursements to increase your chances of winning.

Advantages of risk-free bets

The key benefit of a risk-free bet is that you may place another wager using the free bet if you lose the initial one. So joining sportsbooks that allow risk-free bets is frequently the smart move. Because it can reduce your losses and increase your chances of winning.

Pros with risk-free bets

  • Risk-free bets are useful in this sort of circumstance since they lower the bet’s inherent risk. In this manner, you can reduce your losses.
  • With risk-free bets, even a novice may profit without incurring any losses.
  • You’ll receive experience as a result.
  • It offers you risk-free access to a range of possibilities

Cons with risk-free bets

  • You won’t be able to withdraw your money until you place additional bets.
  • It could become addicting.
  • X 30–40 wagering requirements are typical.

Here are some examples of sportsbooks offering risk-free bets in Ohio for new bettors:

FanDuel PromoClick to get a $100 Early Sign-up Free Bet
BetMGM BonusClick to get a Risk-Free Bet
Caesars PromoClick to get a Risk-Free Bet
DraftKings Sportsbook PromoClick to get a Risk-Free Bet

Ohio free bets for betting, what are they


Free bets are essentially a marketing tactic used by Ohio sportsbook bonus codes to attract new customers and persuade them to check out their website. Free bets are regularly handed out (often on a lower scale) once users join up in order to keep them playing and entice them to wager on particular wagers. Frequently, one’s bettors would behave normally.

A free bet is a great method for less experienced players to gain a feel for betting without taking on too much financial risk.

The majority of the time, you’ll see that the free bets given won’t give you your initial stake back if you win. So if you use a free bet promo code to wager on a Bengals game [Bengals -150, Steelers +120] and the Begnals win, you will receive the $100 payout but not the $150 free bet that was offered to you.

The free bet wager covers the stake, so you come out even if you lose that bet in the same game. On the other hand, if you lose that bet, you don’t need to worry.

Best sportsbooks for free bets in Ohio


When it comes to employing free bet offers, nothing is more crucial than looking for Ohio sports betting sites that are legitimate, legal, and trustworthy. Here is a list of the best mobile sports betting apps in Ohio that you may use to place your stake.


Why bet with BetMGM:

  • Well-known respectable brand
  • Wide variety of sports options
  • Frequent promotions and bonuses

Welcome bonus: $1000 risk-free bet to use with a BetMGM Ohio bonus code.


Why bet with DraftKings

  • Safe and secure
  • Tried and trusted
  • Easy to use website

Welcome bonus: 100% match up to $1,500 on the first deposit to use with a DraftKings Ohio promo code.


Why bet with Fanduel:

  • Massive sports and betting markets
  • Great customer service
  • Easy-to-navigate platform

Welcome bonus: 100$ in free bets for early sign up with a FanDuel promo code Ohio.


Why bet with PointsBet

  • Great live betting options with PointsBetting
  • Extensive sports knowledge
  • Responsive and professional customer service

Welcome bonus: 100% risk-free bet up to $1000 with a PointsBet Ohio promo code.

Caesars sportsbook 

Why bet with Caesars

  • Experienced and highly respected brand
  • Frequent promos and bonuses offered
  • Vast selection of sports bets

Welcome bonus: risk-free first sports bet of up to $5000 with a Caesars Ohio promo code.

WynnBET Sportsbook

Why bet with WynnBet Sportsbook:

  • Excellent betting options
  • User-friendly site
  • Secured with high-tech security software

Welcome bonus: Risk-free first bet up to $5000 with a WynnBET Ohio promo code.

Hard Rock Sportsbook

Why bet with Hard Rock:

  • Great customer reviews
  • Fantastic daily odds
  • Live-streaming provided for tons of live bets

Welcome bonus: 100% deposit bonus up to $500 with a Hard Rock Ohio promo code.

More sportsbooks:

Ohio free bets offer


Numerous strategies have been developed by sports betting companies to make free bets seem more enticing to various audiences.

Ohio Risk-free bets to use

Some of the most well-liked alternatives for welcome bonuses include risk-free wagers. These are some of the most alluring wagers for new sports betting site visitors.

A risk-free wager only pays out for the player if the first bet is unsuccessful. However, you receive a virtual pat on the back and can continue playing if a player wagers money on a certain game and wins.

The promotion kicks in if the bet loses, and you are given a free bet in place of your losses. This bonus is comparable to removing all traces of the first wager.

Money-back bets

A money-back free bet offer functions something like an insurance for your stake in the event of specific game-related occurrences. In order to let you know in advance what kinds of activities can be taken in order for you to earn money back, even if your bet loses, these particular occurrences will be stated as part of the offer.

Do you still not understand? Here is a great example to help you with this one because it can be a bit difficult to comprehend. You bet on a NFL game, the score is close to being tied the whole game, and they lose in overtime.

Money-back promotions sometimes include coverage for overtime defeats. You are out of luck if your team loses in overtime, but if they lose in the normal game, you will receive some of your money back in free bets.

OH Free bets, no deposit offers

A no-deposit offer is far less lucrative than the majority of other free bet offers. To begin with, the sum provided by the books is often on the lesser side, maybe $20.

These offers’ incentives sound fantastic. You wager $20 in the hopes that your side will triumph. If so, you take your winnings and go on to the next game.

Since you didn’t use your own $20 to participate, it doesn’t matter if the team loses, so you just go on, right? Even though this does occasionally occur without a hitch, it is unusual, especially when dealing with dubious betting sites.

When it comes to minimum bets, these bets are among the worst. Therefore, these may not always be excellent offers unless you are preparing to spend a lot on a certain wager where this promotion may only slightly lessen the agony if you lose.

Matched bet free bets in Ohio

One of the finest free bet incentives available is a matched bet bonus (at least we think so). Due to their allure, these welcome bonuses at sportsbooks are likewise highly well-liked.

When you receive a matched bet bonus, you are offered a free bet that matches your initial deposit up to a predetermined sum. This is comparable to a wager with no risk. A matched bonuses bet, however, still pays off even if your risk wager triumphs.

How do you get and use your free bets Ohio offers?

As was already noted, free bets are incentives offered by a certain sportsbook that can only be used on their website. These deals are frequently available on the websites or social media pages of sportsbooks.

In some sportsbooks, the codes are automatically applied to your account; in others, you must input a promotional code to use them. When you set up your sportsbook account, you will often need a promo code for your introductory wager.

Free bets OH pros and cons to consider


The disadvantages of free bets may be on your mind. It can’t be real. However, nothing is completely free (generally), and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are several advantages to free bets in sports betting, as well as some disadvantages.

Ohio Free bets for betting pros

Here are some reasons why free bets are great for both novice and experienced sports gamblers.

  • Easier to try new platforms
  • It gives you the opportunity to place bets on things you normally wouldn’t feel comfortable doing.
  • Minimizes the losses you sustain
  • (For sportsbooks) increases the number of visitors to the site and the amount wagered
  • enables risk-free testing of new betting sites

OH Free bets cons

Here is a summary of free bets’ greatest drawbacks. These are the reasons why it is crucial to comprehend what you are performing first thoroughly.

  • It tempts you to place bets on dubious websites
  • Customers are more prone to wager using odds that are not fair.
  • It encourages novice gamblers to place bets on wagers they are uncertain of

Note: It is crucial for Ohio gamblers to carefully read any bonus and promotion terms, especially when it comes to free bets. These bets typically contain certain restrictions that aren’t obvious until you’ve already committed to them.

FAQs Ohio free bets bonus

How do you use a free bet in Ohio?

You are usually given a risk-free bet promotion code you can enter in order to receive your offer, and you will then follow the guidelines for each code in Ohio.

Are there any disadvantages to using Ohio free bets?

In order to qualify for most free-bet offers, you must meet certain requirements. Therefore, before using any of these codes, you should carefully read the fine print.

Where can you find free bet offers in Ohio?

Free bets are consistently provided by specific sports betting websites. These promos may be found on each website individually as well as on their social media pages.

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