Ohio sports betting / Cleveland Cavaliers betting bonuses

Cleveland Cavaliers betting bonuses

The Cleveland Cavaliers betting bonuses will attract a lot of interest among NBA fans as the 2022–23 season rapidly approaches. They will also draw interest in the betting markets, with punters prepared to place bets on the Cavaliers in their new season setup.

Here, we’ve compiled some top NBA sports betting offers that players can use to wager on Cavaliers games from the season’s first contest to the final buzzer.

Cleveland Cavaliers betting bonuses

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Useful bonuses and promotions for the Cavaliers

cleveland cavaliers betting bonuses guide

Several sportsbooks provide free bets or bets with no risk, so players won’t lose any money even if they lose their bet. Additionally, some sportsbooks will match users’ deposit amount up to a certain amount as part of a deposit match promotion.

Ohio sportsbooks also provide a bonus for referring friends. By referring a friend to register with the sportsbook, players will receive credit whenever they make a minimum deposit into their account.

Some sportsbooks also give their new customers a sizable welcome bonus, which might be a terrific place to start. Then, depending on the sportsbook, many incentives and promotions are explicitly tailored for Cleveland Cavaliers games.

Sportsbooks that accept wagers on the Cavaliers

Numerous sportsbooks in Ohio provide a chance to wager on Cleveland Cavalier games. When players first sign up, the best ones welcome them with sizable welcome bonuses.

The following online bookmakers provide excellent Cavaliers’ odds, so players may also enjoy betting online. Using these legitimate sportsbooks for wagering on Cavaliers’ games provides a vast selection of betting markets.

Furthermore, the sportsbooks offer enticing odds for NBA wagering. Hence, players can receive a good return on their wagers.

Also, bettors confidence in the security of their funds is increased by the long history of safe and secure betting experiences offered by these legal sportsbooks.


Fanduel is one of the top online sportsbooks. Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers and other clubs can place bets here since it has competitive odds on basketball games.

Numerous bet types might help users enhance their revenue. It provides excellent customer service, rapid payouts, and a FanDuel Ohio discount code.

Caesars Sportsbook

The ergonomic user interface of this sportsbook immediately demonstrates its brilliance. This website functions effectively on both PC and mobile devices.

With a Caesars Sportsbook Ohio coupon code, new customers may take advantage of an incredible selection of benefits on Cleveland Cavaliers. Additionally, the odds are excellent, with frequent odds increases.

BetMGM Sportsbook

In terms of bookmakers, BetMGM sportsbook is among the most prominent gamers can discover. It provides a massive selection of games and odds from different countries. Unquestionably one of the games on the website is basketball.

Payouts happen quickly, but the odds are incredibly high. Additionally, there are several Cleveland Cavaliers betting bonuses.

Furthermore, BetMGM is a reputable sportsbook that individuals should try out with the BetMGM Ohio sign-up bonus code.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Another sportsbook that is highly recommended for Cleveland Cavaliers’ bonus is DraftKings. Players can be confident that they will receive some of the best odds.

Additionally, there are frequent odds increases to satisfy bettors. The sportsbook also provides a DraftKings Ohio coupon code and numerous deals. Payouts won’t present any issues for users.

PointsBet Sportsbook

There are a fair number of Cleveland Cavaliers betting bonuses and promotions. The fact that it allows for point betting, though, is what makes PointsBet Sportsbook stand out the most.

In this type of wager, gamers’ winnings are determined by the margin of victory their team achieves. Users will receive twice their wager if it triumphs by two points.

This reward makes it a lucrative betting strategy for players that significantly improves their odds.

BetRivers Sportsbook

Many users of BetRivers sportsbook have acknowledged their satisfaction with the services they received after placing wagers there.

Some people are awed by the substantial odds and rapid rewards on Cleveland Cavaliers games. Others draw attention to the excellent customer service.

Some people adore the design of their website. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic website to bet on.

Cleveland Cavaliers betting

The Cleveland Cavaliers qualified for the NBA play-in tournament last year. However, they were defeated in back-to-back games, missing the opening round of the playoffs.

The team hopes to avoid the play-in tournament this year after making some significant moves in the offseason.

But, The Cavaliers’ main concern is whether these changes will be sufficient to elevate them to the level of serious Eastern Conference competitors. In the summer, Cleveland made a trade to acquire Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz, who would play alongside Darius Garland in the backcourt.

There is a lot to admire about Cleveland this year between that pair and the elite big pair of Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen. The Cleveland Cavaliers are far ahead of schedule with their reconstruction and are a threat in the East this season.

Cavaliers moneyline bets

To win a moneyline bet, the player must accurately predict the game’s winner. Gamers will win the bet when they accurately predict who will win the game.

The wager amount and the corresponding moneyline for the team one backs determines how much they win.

Here is an illustration using a current Cavaliers vs. Bulls game:

  • Bulls-136 moneyline
  • Cavaliers +114 moneyline

The minus sign (-) next to Chicago Bulls’ moneyline indicates that they are the club that is expected to win this game. The plus sign (+) next to Cleveland’s moneyline designates them as the favourite.

The moneyline number represents how much each team might win. A $100 stake on the Bulls would return a $136 profit. However, a $100 wager on Cleveland would yield a $114 profit.

Cavaliers spread bets

On the Cleveland Cavaliers, users can also gamble against the point spread. Instead, rather than only picking the winner, a bettor must correctly predict the margin of victory by a particular team.

Here is an example of the same Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls game:

  • Bulls -1.5 (-112)
  • Cavaliers +1.5 (-118)

The sportsbooks determine the points spread, which is the total margin of victory. To cover the spread in this game, Chicago Bulls must win by two points or more. However, Cleveland must either win by one point or lose by one to cover the spread.

Each bettor’s tax on the sportsbook is known as the juice, commonly referred to as the vig, and it is another component of point spreads. The point spread and juice are both indicated.

This figure is used to calculate the payment for a wager. A punter would make $100 for every $112 they risked on a bet on the Bulls. For every $118 put at risk, a wager on Cleveland would result in a profit of $100.

Over/Under bets for Cavaliers

When placing an over/under totals wager, the final score between the two teams—not the game’s victor or loser—is considered.

Bettors must correctly guess whether the teams’ totals will be higher or lower than the value established by the oddsmakers.

The over/under point total for the Cavaliers vs. Bulls game is 221.5:

  • Over 221.5 points (-109)
  • Under 221.5 points (-108)

Again, with over/under, juice or vig is relevant. In this scenario, betting over 221.5 points would require a stake of $109 to win $100.

If a bettor bets under 221.5 points, they will win $100 for every $108 they risk.

Cavaliers prop bets

Prop bets are a terrific alternative to game results for bettors who want to stake on specific players. Additionally, oddsmakers will place wagers based on player data.

Then, bettors have the chance to predict whether those players will go over or under the predetermined line to win money.

How many points a player will score, who will score first, how many rebounds a player will earn, and many other prop bets are among the most common.

Cavaliers history

In 1970, the Cleveland Cavaliers became an expansion franchise in the NBA. They relocated into their current location at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in downtown Cleveland in 1994 after moving from the Cleveland Arena to the Richfield Coliseum.

Dan Gilbert, a businessman and investor with Quicken Loans, acquired the team in 2005 and is still its owner.

LeBron James, a local Ohio high school star, was selected by the Cavaliers as the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, forever altering the course of the team.

By 2005, the Cavaliers were a more consistent postseason contender behind James and Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

The Cavaliers made their first NBA Finals appearance in 2007 but could not return until James decided to sign with the Miami Heat as a free agent in 2010.

Before they were able to select the rising star Kyrie Irving in the 2011 draft, Cleveland faced new financial difficulties.

In 2014, James made a comeback, and he and Irving guided the Cavaliers to four straight appearances in the NBA Finals, including the team’s first NBA Championship in 2016.


Cavs Ohio betting FAQs

How many titles have the Cleveland Cavaliers claimed?

In their 52-year history, the Cavaliers have only ever won one championship. Their 2016 championship campaign took place.

What venue does the Cleveland Cavaliers’ home schedule have?

Cleveland, Ohio’s Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is where the Cavaliers play.

What is the value of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Every year, Forbes assesses the value of NFL teams. The franchise was worth an estimated 1.65 billion dollars in 2021.

Which is the most successful season for the Cavaliers?

The Cavaliers had the best record in the NBA in 2008–09 with 66 victories. However, Orlando Magic defeated them in the conference finals.

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